The Integrative Healing Arts Academy™

The BirchTree Center for Healthcare Transformation provides professional development continuing education programs to assist nurses in enhancing their nursing practice and in responding to the organizational challenges experienced within the healthcare system. The core intention of all of our programs is to nurture the heart and spirit of nurses through the development of a supportive and caring community of healthcare professionals.

Clinical practice nurses are prepared to integrate complementary modalities within their nursing practice. Nursing faculty members are assisted in grounding their curriculum within a foundation of holistic nursing philosophy and theory. Nursing leaders are inspired to bring forth the creative potential of their nursing staff. All nurses are encouraged to transform their professional practice to become a fulfilling and energizing life experience. Contact hours are provided with each program.

We offer the following educational programs for your organization. In addition, we will tailor programs to your specific needs.

“The authentic community created was a gift to me. What a joy to learn with kindred spirits. It reawakened my love for nursing. We have the most noble profession.”

Agnes Bayer, CPNP
Jacobi Medical Center, NYC

“Come and experience what it is like to interact with others with respect, compassion and acceptance.”

Harlene Caroline, PhD
Nursing Faculty, Curry College, Milton,MA