Education and Certification


Nurses engage in a unique relationship within the health care system where they are invited to embody a caring/healing consciousness that forms the framework for relationship-centered care and inspired leadership.

We provide professional development programs that support and facilitate the healing work of nurses along with creating an opportunity to develop the knowledge base and skill-building required of integrative nursing and complementary/integrative modalities (CIM) within an evidence-based practice model.

Integral within all of the nurse continuing education programs offered through The BirchTree Center is the common thread of ‘caring for the caregiver’. We recognize the stressful intensity of nursing practice and emphasize the importance of maintaining self-care routines. Our faculty intentionally create a relaxed learning environment within our programs that fosters self-care activities.


Nurses select our programs for a variety of reasons:

  • Professional career enhancement and satisfaction
  • Development of skills for clinical integration of Complementary and Integrative Modalities (CIM)
  • Incorporation of holistic philosophy, theory, and CIM within conventional nursing curricula
  • Integration of transformational leadership principles
  • Opportunity to embrace a professional nursing vision that nurtures the heart and soul
  • Acknowledgement of the spiritual connection within healing work
  • Community-building and networking with other like-minded nurses
  • Preparation for National Board Certification in Holistic Nursing 

“In order to care for others, we must first nurture ourselves. This program re-inforces that principle and reminded me of the joy that is nursing.”

- Beth Budney RN, MSN, Nurse Manager, Veterans Administration, Brockton, MA