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The Integrative Healing Arts Certificate Program

Integrative Healing Arts Certificate ProgramThis unique four-part certificate program prepares nurses for pivotal roles within the new paradigm of healthcare. The curriculum assists nurses to ground their practice in a foundation of holism and integrate the acquired knowledge and modality skills within their professional nursing practice. Participants study holistic nursing and complementary modalities with some of the most experienced educators and practitioners in the field. The program begins with a focus on self-care for the professional nurse and developing a healing presence with others. Nurses explore advanced concepts in complementary and alternative modalities (CAM) practices and relationship centered care.

The program examines the unique philosophy and theory that creates the framework for professional holistic nursing practice. Participants discover the scientific basis for mind body spirit medicine and the distinctive contributions nurses have made to this rapidly growing field.

The cultivation of nurse participants to serve as leaders and cultural change agents with the intention of facilitating healthcare transformation is paramount within the context of this transformational program. With a firm foundation in holism, nurses learn the art of integrating music therapy, guided imagery, meditation techniques, aromatherapy and energy-based healing therapies within nursing practice.

The course is taught in four consecutive sessions. Each session is 3-4 days in length and builds upon previous sessions, moving from introductory to advanced concepts. Nurses earn 100+ continuing education contact hours. Three program formats offer the professional nurse flexible options:

  • Contact us to bring the Integrative Healing Arts Certificate Program on-site to your healthcare organization.
  • Attend The Integrative Healing Arts Certificate Program at select colleges.
  • Network with like-minded colleagues from around the country at retreat centers chosen to nourish your body, mind and spirit.

The curriculum provides nurses with the educational foundation required to take the national board certification examination in holistic nursing (HNC). Every nurse who completes the Integrative Healing Arts Program will receive a certificate in Holistic Nursing and Integrative Modalities.

To view program curriculum, click here.To see dates and locations for the Integrative Healing Arts Program click here. For program details, click here.

“Run don’t walk, let this course change your life and be the best nurse you can be.”

Miriam Nagler, RN
Staff Nurse, PACU, Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC

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